Privacy Policy

Special importance is given to the personal details that our customers provide at Fast Cash Now. We understand how important it is to safeguard the personal and financial details that you provide us while accessing our loan services. Thus, we have made use of various safety measures. Reading the privacy policy before accessing our services will let you know that we will never misuse your personal information.

The information that you will need to provide while applying for our loan services include your name, email ID, bank account details, social security number and so on. The only purpose behind collecting such information is to help you find the right loan deal. We will also make use of the information to contact you back whenever required.

There is no need of providing us any personal information or reveal your identity at Fast Cash Now just to browse through the pages of the website for reference and information. In addition, we never collect any information about our visitors without their consent.

At Fast Cash Now we are likely to change the privacy policy as we expand our services. If any such changes are made by us we will publish it at our website. Keep visiting us regularly to stay updated of any such changes.